Welcome to Golden Top Bakery !

Golden Top Bakery was established in 1980, Sydney Australia. Here at Golden Top Bakery we produce the finest quality Pita Bread for Kebabs, Wraps, Yeeros, Gyros and Souvlaki. Our Pita Bread is soft, does not crack or break when wrapping food and the taste is unbeatable.

We currently produce two types of Pita Bread.


We produce a Greek Pita Bread. This is a thin style pita bread popular with Turkish Kebabs, hot wraps, dips and thin pizza.


We also produce a Souvlaki Bread. This is a thick fluffy pita bread popular with Traditional Greek Gyros and dips.


Golden Top Bakery
3 Barclay Street
Marrickville, 2204
Tel: (02) 9550 6401
       (02) 9557 5757
Fax:(02) 9517 4891
Email: info@goldentop.com.au